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  • Samsung has announced plans to release a "Galaxy Tab 2," an official Android 4.0 follow-up to the first Galaxy Tab released in October 2010. The 7.0-inch Galaxy Tab 2's specs are underwhelming compared to the offshoot Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, a weird prospect given that the Tab 7.0 Plus is meant to be a bargain model. The Galaxy Tab 2 will have a 1GHz dual-core processor of unspecified make, 1GB of RAM, a 3-megapixel "fixed-focus" rear camera, and a VGA-front facing camera. The tablet will be able to connect to both WiFi and HSPA+ networks, though Samsung has not yet announced a carrier. The whole thing will run on a 4,000mAh battery, and the 8GB/16GB/32GB storage options can be supplemented by a microSD card slot, up to an extra 32GB. The Tab 2 comes only months after the Tab 7.0 Plus, which was released at a two-year contract price of $249 to compete with the Kindle Fire (through an extra $10 charge over the two years, customers would still end up paying the same $499 starting price as the original Tab). Despite the Tab 7.0 Plus's low starting price, it has slightly better specs than the Tab 2: a 1.2GHz processor and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera.
  • The top Windows exec at Microsoft, Steve Sinofsky, has published a huge blog entry that details Microsoft's plans for Windows 8 on low-powered platforms driven by processors built around the ARM processor technology. Since that is the primary chip technology driving most tablets, this blog entry shows how the company sees the space and what it believes it can bring to the market that its rivals cannot, or are not doing well. A few of the key talking points are that versions of Windows for ARM platforms will carry a Windows for ARM branding; there will be a special version of Office for this platform and there will be a major effort to have the hardware and software tightly integrated, much like Apple does with the various iOS products.
  • Pinterest is hot. White hot. The 2011 Crunchie award winner for Best New Startup has been on a roll lately, hitting almost 12 million monthly unique visitors and crossing the 10 million milestone faster than any previous independent site, according to comScore. And a new report from Shareaholic indicates Pinterest is already generating more referral traffic to websites than YouTube, Reddit, Google+, and LinkedIn combined.
  • How can yu get into the IPO for Facebook? It's going to be an IPO to remember for several reasons. Financially, Facebook's IPO stands to be the biggest in history, as the company looks to raise at least $5 billion from the deal. Most individual investors, though, aren't going to be able to buy in at the same price many privileged investors will. Facebook plans to follow the traditional investment banking model for its IPO. Shares of the deal will be first sold to large investors such as mutual funds and pension funds. These investors will then be free to sell into the open market.
  • An upset North Carolina father posted a video of himself shooting his daughter's laptop computer after reading his daughter's Facebook rant about doing chores. The man, who identified himself as Tommy Jordan of Albermarle, posted the video on YouTube Wednesday and it has since gone viral with more than 18 million views, WCNC-TV, Charlotte, reported.
  • The iPhone has been a huge hit for Apple Inc., helping send the company's stock to all-time highs and producing record-breaking profits. But for AT&T Inc., Sprint Nextel Corp. and Verizon Communications Inc., it's breaking the bank. The three wireless carriers all found themselves answering to Wall Street in recent weeks for posting depressed quarterly earnings, and analysts pointed to the heavy cost of offering the iPhone as a culprit.
  • Apple may not own the name IPAD in China. Whether or not Apple actually owns the trademark in China remains unclear. Cupertino initially spent $55,000 to buy the European rights to the "iPad" trademark from Proview's parent company several years ago, but Proview maintains that it holds the right to the name "iPad" in China regardless. Proview's parent company registered the name "iPad" in several countries back in 2000, adding China to its trademark dossier in 2001. Apple's iPad didn't go on sale until April 3, 2010, of course, and Apple didn't began selling the iPad in China until September 17, 2010. By all accounts (and analyst commentary), Apple's in the wrong here, and could end up paying dearly for it - to the tune of 10 billion yuan (or about US$1.6 billion), if Proview has its way in court. Proview's not waiting, either: Chinese site Hebei Youth Daily broke the news on Monday that China's Trade and Industry department was actively confiscating Apple's iPads from store shelves because - after a complaint filed by Proview, and given the recent court ruling against Apple - the tablets are being sold in violation of Chinese trademark law.
  • Microsoft has officially announced that it will be launching the consumer preview version of Windows 8 on February 29, at the Mobile World Congress. [1]This indicates that Microsoft is right on schedule with its Windows 8 launch roadmap, and may be able to meet its initial projected Windows 8 launch deadline of May or June 2012, without any delays.
  • According to Forbes- Along with Windows 8, Microsoft will also be launching the Windows App Store, which will be the central repository for Windows software, and will allow users to access all available software from a single location. The Windows App Store could become a billion dollar business in its own right, going by the success of Apple's App Store. Windows accounts for nearly 25% of Microsoft's $32 Trefis price estimate, which stands nearly 5% above the current market price. It dominates the desktop and notebook OS markets, and we expect it to gain significant market share in the tablet OS market too, in the next couple of years.
  • Microsoft's online store in India was hit by hackers over the weekend and is currently offline. Visitors to microsoftstore.co.in are met with the following message: "The Microsoft Store India is currently unavailable. Microsoft is working to restore access as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused." The hack, first reported by wpsauce.com and picked up by the Times of India, occurred last night. The website was replaced with an image of a hooded individual wearing a Guy Fawkes mask - the symbol of hacker collective Anonymous - with the line "Evil Shadow Team" at the bottom.

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  • Email from listeners: Gerald from Hawaii asks "Who do you think are the bad guys. The hackers or the companies they hack?"