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Robert McMillen

Robert is the President and founder of All Tech 1, LLC., a Portland, OR. based network consulting company. In 2017 the company was sold to Blackpoint-IT Consulting based out of seattle.

Some of his higher profile jobs have been restoring email for the government to prosecute Enron executives, train the network vulnerability assessment team for the U.S. Army, and perform wireless security auditing for the State of Washington. The NSA also requested an interview but he decided he had enough people looking over his shoulder for now.

Andy Young

Andy met Robert at Pricewaterhousecoopers, LLP.when Andy was director of HR in the Northwest. He spent 18 years there working his way up the corporate ladder only to discover he wanted to be in technology instead.

Scott Portinga

Scott is a senior IT consultant with Blackpoint-IT after the acquisition.

If you need anything done Scott always seems to know a guy….

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